Schedule & Results, The Dunsmuir Memorial Tournament, 2018-2019 (EGMHA)

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Thursday, April 4, 2019
MATOM-A (XOVER)16:00 PMEGWest Newmarket 3-12EG
MPEEWEE-A27:10 PMEGWest Newmarket 0-1EG
BAN-A (XOVER)38:20 PMEGWest Innisfil 6-1EG
Friday, April 5, 2019
NOV-A (XOVER)328:00 AMEGEast Whitby 5-0EG
MPEEWEE-A48:00 AMBLCB EG 1-3Bradford
ATOM-A148:15 AMEGWest Halton Hills 4-1North Humberland
PEEWEE-A (XOVER)268:30 AMBLCG TNT 2-3North Toronto
MATOM-A (XOVER)339:10 AMEGEast King 5-3Richmond Hill
MPEEWEE-A59:10 AMBLCB TNT 0-3Peterborough
MATOM-A (XOVER)159:25 AMEGWest Guelph 0-2EG
BAN-A (XOVER)279:40 AMBLCG Whitby 6-1EG
NOV-A (XOVER)3410:20 AMEGEast Guelph 1-0Newmarket
PEEWEE-A (XOVER)610:20 AMBLCB Bradford 1-7Caledon
PEEWEE-A (XOVER)1610:35 AMEGWest EG 1-2Quite West
BAN-A (XOVER)2810:50 AMBLCG Quinte West 4-0Bradford
ATOM-A3511:30 AMEGEast EG 2-2Halton Hills
BAN-A (XOVER)711:30 AMBLCB Innisfil 3-1TNT
ATOM-A1711:45 AMEGWest North Humberland 3-0Guelph
MATOM-A (XOVER)3612:40 PMEGEast Guelph 1-10Innisfil
MATOM-B (XOVER)1812:55 PMEGWest EG 3-3King
MPEEWEE-A291:10 PMBLCG Peterborough 1-5Newmarket
NOV-A (XOVER)371:50 PMEGEast TNT 0-8Dundas
NOV-B (XOVER)91:50 PMBLCB Newmarket 0-6Whitby
NOV-A (XOVER)192:05 PMEGWest Guelph 1-0EG
BAN-B (XOVER)312:20 PMBLCG EG 2-3Quinte West
PEEWEE-B (XOVER)103:00 PMBLCB North Toronto 0-2Bradford
ATOM-A383:00 PMEGEast Guelph 4-2EG
PEEWEE-B (XOVER)203:15 PMEGWest Caledon 2-0EG
MATOM-B (XOVER)394:10 PMEGEast Innisfil 7-0Newmarket
MATOM-B (XOVER)214:25 PMEGWest Richmond Hill 2-3Guelph
PEEWEE-B (XOVER)125:20 PMBLCB Quite West 6-1TNT
NOV-B (XOVER)405:20 PMEGEast EG 7-2TNT
BAN-B (XOVER)136:30 PMBLCB Bradford 2-0Innisfil
NOV-B (XOVER)416:30 PMEGEast Dundas 4-4Guelph
BAN-B (XOVER)236:45 PMEGWest TNT 2-2Whitby
MPEEWEE-A427:40 PMEGEast Bradford 7-1Peterborough
Saturday, April 6, 2019
PEEWEE-B (XOVER)248:00 AMEGEast North Toronto 3-5EG
MATOM-A (XOVER)528:00 AMEGWest King 1-3Innisfil
MATOM-B (XOVER)449:00 AMBLCB Richmond Hill 5-3Newmarket
ATOM-A539:10 AMEGWest North Humberland 3-3EG
TYKE-PoolA669:30 AMEGEast-A EG - A 0-0North Durham Warriors - A
TYKE-PoolA679:30 AMEGEast-B Whitby - A 0-0Bradford - A
ATOM-A4510:10 AMBLCB Guelph 0-1Halton Hills
MPEEWEE-A5410:20 AMEGWest TNT 0-4Newmarket
TYKE-PoolA6810:30 AMEGEast-A EG - B 0-0North Durham Warriors - B
TYKE-PoolA6910:30 AMEGEast-B Whitby - B 0-0Bradford - B
NOV-A (XOVER)4611:20 AMBLCB TNT 1-5Newmarket
TYKE-PoolA7011:30 AMEGEast-A Bradford - A 0-0EG - A
TYKE-PoolA7111:30 AMEGEast-B North Durham Warriors - A 0-0Whitby - A
NOV-B (XOVER)5511:45 AMEGWest Dundas 0-4Whitby
PEEWEE-A (XOVER)4712:30 PMBLCB TNT 5-3Caledon
TYKE-PoolA7212:30 PMEGEast-A Bradford - B 0-0EG - B
TYKE-PoolA7312:30 PMEGEast-B North Durham Warriors - B 0-0Whitby - B
PEEWEE-A (XOVER)5612:55 PMEGWest Bradford 1-4Quite West
BAN-A (XOVER)481:40 PMBLCB Whitby 1-5Bradford
BAN-B (XOVER)572:05 PMEGWest TNT 0-5Quinte West
MPEEWEE-A82:15 PMBLCG Bradford 3-1TNT
TYKE-PoolA742:30 PMEGEast-A North Durham Warriors - A 0-0Bradford - A
TYKE-PoolA752:30 PMEGEast-B Whitby - A 0-0EG - A
ATOM-SF492:50 PMBLCB EG 5-1Halton Hills
MATOM-SF583:15 PMEGWest Guelph 0-4King
MATOM-SF603:25 PMBLCG EG 1-3Innisfil
TYKE-PoolA763:30 PMEGEast-A North Durham Warriors - B 0-0Bradford - B
TYKE-PoolA773:30 PMEGEast-B Whitby - B 0-0EG - B
NOV-SF504:00 PMBLCB Guelph 0-6Whitby
MPEEWEE-A594:25 PMEGWest Peterborough 6-1EG
NOV-SF614:35 PMBLCG EG 3-5Dundas
MPEEWEE-A515:10 PMBLCB Bradford 7-2Newmarket
PEEWEE-SF815:40 PMEGEast Caledon 4-2Quite West
ATOM-SF625:45 PMBLCG Guelph 4-1North Humberland
BAN-SF826:50 PMEGEast TNT 1-3Bradford
BAN-SF838:00 PMEGEast Innisfil 1-0Quinte West
Sunday, April 7, 2019
NOV-F858:00 AMEGWest Dundas 1-9Whitby
TYKE-PoolB939:00 AMEGEast-A King -A 0-0Oro
TYKE-PoolB949:00 AMEGEast-B Newmarket - A 0-0Stouffville - A
MATOM-F869:30 AMEGWest King 2-1Innisfil
TYKE-PoolB9510:00 AMEGEast-A King - B 0-0North Durham
TYKE-PoolB9610:00 AMEGEast-B Newmarket - B 0-0Stouffville - B
ATOM-F8711:00 AMEGWest EG 0-4Guelph
TYKE-PoolB9711:00 AMEGEast-A Stouffville - A 0-0King -A
TYKE-PoolB9811:00 AMEGEast-B Oro 0-0Newmarket - A
TYKE-PoolB10012:00 PMEGEast-A Stouffville - B 0-0King - B
TYKE-PoolB9912:00 PMEGEast-B North Durham 0-0Newmarket - B
MPEEWEE-F8812:30 PMEGWest Newmarket 2-7Bradford
TYKE-PoolB1012:00 PMEGEast-A Oro 0-0Stouffville - A
TYKE-PoolB1022:00 PMEGEast-B Newmarket - A 0-0King -A
PEEWEE-F892:00 PMEGWest EG 2-5Caledon
TYKE-PoolB1033:00 PMEGEast-A North Durham 0-0Stouffville - B
TYKE-PoolB1043:00 PMEGEast-B Newmarket - B 0-0King - B
BAN-F903:30 PMEGWest Innisfil 1-2Bradford
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