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Is there a player, team or volunteer that you think should be recognized by the EGMHA for their efforts? If so, then nominate them for the EGMHA Spirit Award! The symbol for the EGMHA Spirit Award is the Inukshuk. The Inukshuk symbol means 'someone was here' or 'you are on the right path' and both meanings are fitting for the EGMHA Spirit Award. Nomination will close on February 28, 2020. The Spirit Awards are meant to recognize those who, through their earnest contribution to community hockey, have made their presence felt. The award will honour those who, through inspired action, generosity, compassionate behaviour, or kind gestures have brought the best aspects of the human spirit to our arena.
Player Award Criteria
Open to all players in every division, looking for a player who: puts others before him/herself; volunteers their time in various age appropriate capacities (in the community); sets a positive example for those around them at hockey showing compassion, kindness and integrity
    Team Award Criteria
    Open to all teams in every division, looking for a team that has: worked together to make a difference through various capacities; set an example for others in the league; made contributions to the community via initiatives (may be one or two) that they have done together
      Volunteer Award Criteria
      Open to all volunteers in the association, looking for a volunteer who: has made a difference in the hockey community; has a positive attitude, treats others with compassion, kindness, respect and generosity; may also volunteer their time in the community (as well as at the rink)
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