Rep Coach Selection Process (EGMHA)

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EGMHA Coach Selection Process


Coach Selection Committee established which includes Executive members and various volunteers to sit on Interview Panels.

*NOTE: No Executive or Interviewer on the Committee is involved in assessment, interviews, recommendations or voting for a team their child could play for.  This includes that players birth year and the age group above that.


Coaching Applications are received and reviewed by the Committee.


Feedback from the Coach Feedback Survey is compiled and reviewed.


Assessment of Coaches who have applied to retain a team for a second season is done using feedback from the surveys, unsolicited feedback, team results and the Coach application/philosophy and perhaps an interview would be required.

Formal feedback sessions are held with each of these returning Coaches to provide them an overview of feedback, ensuring anonymity. 


Interviews are scheduled with all other applicants.  Interview Panels consist of three (3) volunteers.

A formal Interview Guide is used and scoring is completed using consistent criteria across all interviews for all candidates.

The Interview Panel makes a recommendation based on Experience, Evaluating Talent, Coaching Tactics, Ethics and Communication.  These criteria are evaluated through the written application, written philosophy, coaching resume and answers to questions in the interview itself.

References may be checked for the recommended applicant.


The Interviewer's recommendations are presented to the Selection Committee and then in a closed and confidential meeting  the Executive votes to approve the selection Committee Decisions.  This includes new Coaches and those returning for those possibly returning for a second season.


All applicants are called to inform them of the decisions and feedback is provided to all.  The Coach selections are then posted on the website.