How to Apply for a PVSC (EGMHA)

PrintHow to Apply for a PVSC

EGMHA requires all persons in a position of trust to successfully complete a Police Vulnerable Sector Check (PVCS).

PVSC applications being completed in person can be done at the Community Resource Centre in Richmond Hill.  

Each applicant is responsible to pay the applicable volunteer fee as set by YRP.

Two pieces of government issued identification that is not expired (of which one piece of identification must have a photograph) is required to be submitted when applying for a PVSC.

How to Apply for a PVSC

The PVSC can be completed in by submitting an on-line application on the YRP website.

PVSC being completed via an on-line application can be accessed via the  and picked up at any of the York Region police facilities (when completing the on-line application it will give you the list of facilities to select from).

The cost for volunteers is $32.00 and can take upwards of two weeks to be mailed back to you or you can pick it up directly. A copy of a generic request letter is available on our website for you to download, it is already signed and you will simply need to fill in the blanks (2023-24_PVSC_Awareness_Letter.pdf).  With this association letter you will be charged the volunteer fee for your clearance letter and additional fees if required to submit fingerprints will be waived. 

Part of the screening process now involves querying a database of pardoned sexual offences. If one’s date of birth matches the date of birth of a person of the same sex that may have been pardoned of a sexual offence, fingerprints must be submitted to continue the process. If applying online and fingerprints are necessary the online process will stop and applicant must attend in person to complete the application. If applying in person fingerprints will be taken immediately on site.

Each applicant will receive a response letter from the Police, the original reply must be submitted to the EGMHA office in order for this process to be complete and the applicant approved. The response letter should be scanned (or a picture taken of it) and sent to the EGMHA Registrar